Cellier Saint Benoit



For generations the Benoît family has grown grapes in the village of Pupillin in France’s Jura region, to the east of Burgundy. Historically, they sold their fruit to the Pupillin Wine Cooperative, until in 2003 Denis Benoît established Cellier Saint Benoît. Now in the hands of 4th generation Benjamin Benoît, this artisan estate is a leading producer of fine Arbois wine.
The estate’s 6 hectares of hillside vineyards sit on mixed marl soils and are spread over ten parcels in the AOC Arbois-Pupillin. They are farmed biodynamically and sustainably by hand, with as light a touch on the land as possible. The wines are crafted within the family’s old farm buildings, using only wild yeasts. Production is small, at just 12,000 bottles of the famed local varietals of Chardonnay, Savagnin, Trousseau, Ploussard and Pinot Noir.
The Cellier Saint Benoît wines have achieved great acclaim in a relatively short time, and in 2021 Benjamin was named Jura Winemaker of the Year in France’s prestigious Guide Hachette des Vins. These are beautiful, hand-crafted wines, produced in very limited quantities - worth seeking out.

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