Famille Perrin

Famille Perrin / Vacqueyras Les Christins 2020

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ファミーユ・ペラン / ヴァケラス・レ・クリスタン 2020

生産国/Nation: フランス/France
地域/Region: 南部ローヌ/Southern Rhône Valley


≪醸造/Technical Facts≫

Famille Perrin’s Vacqueyras is a beautiful example of Grenache-based wines from the Southern Rh_ne Valley, with an impressive aromatic expression, structured body, and great aging potential. Produced on a very clayey terroir with stones from the Ouv_ze river, the Grenache is dominant and develops a fleshy wine. It's typical aromas of chocolate, cherry, and fig match beautifully with the Syrah (violet, spice, licorice).

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