Bodegas Muga

Bodegas Muga / Aro 2015

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ボデガス・ムガ / アロ 2015

熟したレッドベリーやスパイスの香りは凝縮していますが純粋で 可憐。口に含むと豊かなフレーヴァーが広がり、繊細なアタックか ら肉厚な味わいへと変化します。タンニンが長い余韻を生み出し ています。複雑で滑らか、楽しく飲めるワインですが素晴らしい 熟成能力を秘めています。

醸造:樹齢60年以上の古樹。発酵後、フレンチオークの新 樽に移し、3ヶ月バトナージュを施す。マロラクティック発酵 が翌年の春に終了し、18ヶ月樽熟後さらに最低12ヶ月瓶熟。

Sensations of fruit to the fore, recalling red fruit and small, very ripe wild berries (blackberries, redcurrants, wild strawberries…), floral (violet petals) and mineral (graphite, iron) notes. Spicy hints of cinnamon and black pepper from the ageing. With the oak very well integrated which displays the high quality of the selected wood.

Potent structure on the palate, full-bodied with firm tannins of great elegance and quality, balanced by splendid acidity. It gives a sense of solidity with no cracks or sharp edges, hearty, with great balance and a sensation of freshness.
Full of flavour, supple and broad ranging reminders of fruit, minerals and spices in the mouth aromas. The sensations on the nose are reproduced, but perhaps sharper and better defined. A long, full, elegant aftertaste.

Vinification: Fermentation always occurs naturally and spontaneously. The grapes will always ferment in small wooden vats with a low capacity, no temperature control and indigenous yeasts. Maceration times can vary but may go on for as long as two or three weeks. Ageing for 18 months in new French oak barrels. After ageing the wine is lightly fined using fresh egg whites.

Varietal: 70% Tempranillo, 30% Graciano

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