Code38 / P-Type Pro X

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コード38 / P-タイプ・プロ・エックス



生産国/Nation: オーストラリア/Australia
地域/Region: ニュー・サウス・ウェールズ/New South Wales



Produced one-by-one in New South Wales, Australia, the Code38 Wine Key (which comes in a variety of styles, finishes and price-points) is considered by many to be the finest wine opener in existence.
A masterpiece of efficiency and durability, the Code38 is designed by Jeff Toering, an industrial engineer who spent 12 years developing and refining what is arguably the most artistically engineered, intuitive and reliable opener available to wine service professionals and serious connoisseurs.
Utilizing a manufacturing processes of metal injection moulding generally reserved for Swiss watch, aerospace, and prestige car component manufacturers, the precision engineering delivers exceptional part detail and component accuracy, with many hand-worked elements. Minimal in style and featuring a blend of blasted textures and vaporized titanium-based finishes, the single-hinge Code38 is ergonomic, with the solid heft of a fine tool. Easy to use, it extracts the cork vertically in one swift, smooth movement, unlike double-hinge openers, which lever the cork in an arc, increasing the risk of breakage.

When properly maintained, all Code38s are covered by a lifetime warranty and are fully rebuildable, so if a part finally wears out after many years of use, it can be easily repaired or replaced. The name ‘Code’ refers to dress-code, and the number 38 was Jeff’s age when he arrived at the final design concept. Built to to last a lifetime, the Code38 Wine Key is fast gaining status as an investment for life.

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