Located on Oakville’s southwestern ridge overlooking the Napa Valley in California, Promontory was established in 2008 by legendary Napa vintner Bill Harlan. Bill had discovered the unique property, isolated in a canyon, many years earlier while hiking a ridge trail in the Mayacamas Mountains. These form the western side of the Napa Valley where his two other prestigious properties, Harlan Estate and BOND are situated.

Vineyards were initially planted on what is now Promontory in the 1980s. Bill purchased these in 2008 and in 2010 acquired another section of the property – in total, just under 900 acres. Today there are 80 acres planted in cabernet sauvignon, carved out of the larger parcel, of which 90 percent remains unfarmed. Surrounded by native forests, it is wild, rugged terrain. Two distinct fault lines run beneath the property, roughly demarcating the boundaries between volcanic, sedimentary, and metamorphic soils. This diverse geology stretches across 500 feet of elevation, on a multitude of dramatic slopes and panoramic exposures. Each year the numerous plots are harvested in 60 to 90 separate lots.

Now headed by second generation Will Harlan, Promontory makes just one wine - a complex, bar-setting cabernet sauvignon blend capable of aging beautifully for 50-plus years. Crafted in the stunning winery complex where it is fermented using only indigenous yeasts, the wine has a natural balance of freshness, energy, and tannin. Elegant yet with hints of wildness, beneath bright red fruit.