Giaconda / Giaconda Estate Vineyard Chardonnay 2021

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ジャコンダ / ジャコンダ・エステート・ヴィンヤード・シャルドネ 2021

生産国/Nation: オーストラリア/Australia
地域/Region: ヴィクトリア/Victoria

シャルドネ 100%

≪詳細/Technical Facts≫
Wine making should be subtle and always seek balance - this should never seek to dominate the Terroir or characteristics of any given vintage. Giaconda wines are hand-crafted according to basically a natural wine making process. To us this means indigenous yeasts are employed for fermentation, natural bacteria for Malolactic fermentation, French oak barrel ageing, minimal sulphur additions, and no filtration before bottling.

The art of gentle, slow seduction. Meyer lemon rind, then complex matchstick sulphides waft in and out as mineral-charged peach and nectarine notes emerge to dominate the aroma. Oak sits back; supporting and coaxing the textural white stone fruits to roll on the palate. Mineral laden acidity then draws citrus infused flavours longer on the palate. This year the fruit asserts itself whilst the artefact shadows - supporting but not interrupting the fruits pristine performance. Another high-end release of Giaconda chardonnay.

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