Luciano Sandrone

Luciano Sandrone / Barolo Le Vigne 1500ml 2014

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ルチアーノ・サンドローネ / バローロ・レ・ヴィーニェ 2014



This wine is incredibly unique due to the synergy of the altitude, soil, and direction of the vineyards from these four different areas; Barolo-Vignane, Novello-Merli, Monforte d’Alba-Conterni and Monforte d’Alba-Ceretta. The dark ruby-colored Barolo Le Vigne reveals stunning aromatics consisting of flowers, black fruits, spice, and minerals. There is extraordinary purity as well as intensity to the blackberry and cherry fruit flavors. As the wine sits in the glass, mineral and tar notes become more apparent. With blended wine from different vineyards, one can enjoy a Barolo that combines complexity with richness and mellowness that is unmatched.

Varietal: Nebbiolo

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