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Jamsheed Wines / Beechworth Roussanne 2015

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ジャムシード・ワインズ / ビーチワーズ・ルーサンヌ 2015

生産国/Nation: オーストラリア/Australia
地域/Region: ヴィクトリア/Victoria

ルーサンヌ 100%

≪詳細/Technical Facts≫
Roussanne is grown on the Warner Vineyard in Beechworth, located in the Alpine region of Northern Victoria. This vineyard is well known for its granitic loam over deep granite bedrock and was planted in 1985 to Roussanne, Marsanne Chardonnay and Syrah. From 2015 we began to incorporate small percentages of whole bunches in the ferment to extract complex structural tones and elongate the palate.

The Roussanne traditionally shows honeysuckle, buttercup and neroli scents when young, and as it ages it develops rich nougat, creme brûlée and honeycomb.

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